Mrs. Kennedy and Me

Mrs. Kennedy and Me

Book - 2012
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Jan 29, 2020

“Mrs. Kennedy and Me” is written by Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent who protected Jacqueline Kennedy from the time her husband was first elected to a year after the assassination. It is a biography of Hills experiences constantly being around not only Mrs. Kennedy but the luxurious life of the Kennedys. The book also goes into detail about the many trips the Kennedy family took, including Palm Beach summers and winters, weekends in Middleburg, Virginia, and several trips to Europe and Asia. The lavish lifestyle of the family had many dreary turns though, such as the stroke Joseph Kennedy had, and the death of their newborn son, Patrick. Perhaps the most eventful though, the weekend in Dallas. One thing I really enjoyed about the book is how beautifully Hill writes it and gives so many details showing the true, reserved and spontaneous Jacqueline Kennedy. It is a side many people do not know of her. He goes so far in depth describing how he earned Mrs. Kennedy’s trust and how they became extremely close friends. He also describes the assassination from a very interesting point of view that I had never heard. After all, many have blamed the Secret Service for the outcome. Hill was the agent that jumped on the back of the car right after the shots were fired. When talking to attorney general Robert Kennedy in the hospital he says, “Looking away from Mrs. Kennedy, I closed my eyes, squeezed the phone hard, and said, “It’s as bad as it can get.”” (page 296). I would give this book five stars because I strongly feel Clint Hill wrote this from the sincerest part of his heart and it shows. I learned so much not only about the secret service and the Kennedys but also Jaqueline herself.

Jan 02, 2020

" 'Personally,' President Kennedy said, 'the history of Scotland captured me at a very young age. The U.S., in fact all of us, love, i suppose in a sense, lost causes. And on occasion the history of Scotland has been a lost cause, but perhaps in some ways they have triumphed. Perhaps more today than ever before. We regard it as a great honor to have representatives of a great country to have as our guests here at the White House.' "

Oct 12, 2017

Hill possesses the beautiful and rare skill of portraying a public figure with such grace and consideration, not only highlighting Mrs. Kennedy's admired traits but also giving readers a glimpse into her most human moments.

Jan 28, 2016

Over the last three decades I have read a lot of Kennedy bios and even purported memoirs, but this, by far, is one of the best. Clint Hill, Jackie Kennedy's personal secret service agent gives us an intimate and accurate portrayal of this very private woman in all her glory: intelligence, education, style icon, devoted mother, and wife; replete with an impish humor, that bordered on the delightfully irreverent, and strength and courage in facing losses that would have felled a lesser woman. If there ever was a look at the "real" Jackie then this is it. Sadly, the chapter on the assassination, and the scene in the presidential limousine, is both tragic, and poignant. As someone who was alive and well in 1963, that chapter brought me close to the tears that I shed on Nov. 22nd. But, what gives the reader solace is that jackie went on to live a happy life as an editor, fulfilling her love of words. This is a must read.

Jan 23, 2016

I'll come by on Monday, Jan. 25, to pick it up. Thank you.

JMFlaherty Sep 29, 2015

Yes, an excellent book. I lived thru that time period. I never knew that Jackie was that athletic and rather daring. Reading this marvelous book was both a joy and a sorrow. A joy to see that Jackie knew how to enjoy life. And a sorrow, because I knew what the end of the book would be.

Jun 29, 2015

This is a behind the scenes look at her life, including Mr. Hill's recollection of the day of the assassination. Jackie was already an Onassis by the time I was old enough to know of her, and this account really gave me some insight into the days of Camelot. Also - the marriage of Jackie and Jack Kennedy was very flawed, but there was no doubt that they loved each other in their way. Good book.

wraith1 Apr 18, 2015

If you lived anywhere around the time of the Kennedy/Onassis years, you will find this book most interesting. She was so private, that I felt I was being given a behind the scenes look into her life. This is one of those books that you want to make sure you have lots of uninterrupted time, because it is hard to put down.

May 17, 2014

A nice nonfiction account with a fresh perspective. Clint Hill was Jackie's secret service agent. Recommended.

Sep 20, 2013

Once I started reading the book - couldn't put it down. This was a great read told by someone that was on the 'inside'. I hope Mr. Hill found peace.

Jun 23, 2013

I actually got the book to look at the few pictures it has :) Once I started reading the first page I could not stop! I really enjoyed reading this one....

Aug 11, 2012

A great read, especially for the Kennedy follower.
You could feel the love and respect Mr. Hill felt towards Mrs. Kennedy and all the family.
For once I didn't have to sort through all the "dirty laundry".
Thanks for a wonderful book.

Jun 14, 2012

The ghost writing is not as prosiac as I might like, but you get a front row seat details of the life of one of the most interesting first ladies of the 20th Century.

sunny143 May 12, 2012

A very interesting and somewhat intimate look into the life of Jackie Kennedy. I was most moved by the killing of President Kennedy because I saw a glimpse of how it truly impacted his family and a country. The writer really made this reader feel a part of what was happening. The other piece that struck me is that the secret service was providing a very important job yet got paid so very little, a very sharp contrast to the wealthy Kennedys.

jj1944 Apr 21, 2012

This book was written so well. You feel like you are reliving a part of history ! I couldn't put it down !

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