Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin

Blu-ray Disc - 2018
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Jun 17, 2019

Great family viewing which is rare in this day and age

Jun 12, 2019

For the Pooh fans.
"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday."
"Yesterday when it was Tomorrow was too a day for me."

Truly stunning effects bring the animal characters to a very realistic and natural presence in the movie. Overall, the film is a bit slow but it is family friendly and is lovingly created with great respect to the original source material.

Gina_Vee Apr 27, 2019

I had to watch this movie twice to fully appreciate how perfect Eeyore's character is in this movie. Also, I recommend skipping the first five or ten minutes of this movie if you're watching it for the first time. It's how I saw the movie for the first time, and for me, the movie had a completely different feel to it because of that. Nothing's wrong with the first 5-10 minutes of the movie, by the way. The characters were just much more of a delight not being introduced to them as soon as the movie introduces them.

Apr 24, 2019

This is a cute story that reminds us adults not to forget your inner child, by neglecting your life of today for a better tomorrow. Life is happening now and that there are more important things in the world than just all work and no play, especially when you have young children in your life.
Clever use of visual effects and animation to create the Winnie the Pooh characters along with live action of actors, including Ewan McGregor (Star Wars: I-III: 1999, 2002, & 2005), Hayley Atwell (The Duchess: 2008; Captain America: The First Avenger: 2011; Agent Carter: tv: 2015-2016). No Bonus Features on this DVD. Directed by Marc Forster (Monster's Ball: 2001; Finding Neverland: 2004; Stranger Than Fiction: 2006; Quantam of Solace: 2008; World War Z: 2013).
No bonus features on this DVD.

VaughanPLDonnalee Apr 12, 2019

This movie was not quite as good as I hoped it would be. It started off very slowly and took a long time to feel like it was moving. The story of a grown man who has lost touch with their inner child seems very cliched, stale and predictable. The moments with Winnie the Pooh and his friends did have some sweetness and charm but there were far too few of those moments in the first half of the film. I would think a lot of children would find the storyline about a grumpy middle-aged man very dull. Things did finally liven up a bit, but by then a lot of children may have lost interest. Overall it was a pleasant and predictable film, I just wish it had used Winnie-the-Pooh and his fun friends a little bit more and had been a bit more lively and fun.

Apr 11, 2019

This is a kids' "feel good" movie about a grown man CHRISTOPHER ROBIN who, living in London, rediscovers his childhood playmates from the 100 acre woods of his family home.

Another movie from 2016 , GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN is a MUCH BETTER, more historically accurate movie about the REAL Christopher Robin MILNE , son of AA Milne who wrote Winnie the Pooh books. I suggest GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN for a much better plot-story than this movie. This one is fictionalized and does not accurately portray who Christopher was. It is all made up. Good for a silly kids movie.

This movie does not even use his real name of MILNE nor accurately portray his spouse and daughter correctly. All made up to be a family movie.

Apr 05, 2019

I really enjoyed this movie. The first part is a little depressing as CR comes off as kind of mean, but then he softens up as he realizes what really matters in life. I loved the way they animated the animals - looked just like the stuffed animals my kids had instead of cartoon characters. The voices of the animals were very well done (just the way I think of them!). Beautiful art design and sets in the 100 Acre Woods. A great family movie.

Apr 01, 2019

Not to be confused with the much darker film "Goodbye Christopher Robin," which tells the story of the real-life author A.A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin: how the Pooh stories were lovingly created only to ultimately have disastrous results on the family. Although highly infused with melancholy, this parallel tale is quite enjoyable and stays firmly within the fictional world of Pooh, reminding us via the clever interjection of fake chapter titles and pages flipping, purporting to be the further adventures of the fictional version of Christopher Robin. We quickly watch him grow up: leaving his stuffed-animal pals in the Hundred Acre Wood, Christopher goes off to boarding school and eventually to fight in WWII, coming home at war's end to get married and have a daughter. Stuck in a stressful job at the mercy of his preening, self-serving boss, the grown Christopher struggles as work life overwhelms his personal life, until one critical weekend when it looks like his family may blow apart. The sudden reappearance of his fuzzy pals may be just what is needed to save the day and get him back on track. Definitely a children's film but fun and worthwhile for adults and kids who loved the Pooh tales.

Mar 29, 2019

This movie provides a lighthearted
way of reminding us all to enjoy life.

JCLHeatherM Mar 02, 2019

A cutesy continuation of Christopher Robin's journeys with the gang of the Hundred Acre Wood manages to hit all the right notes, appealing to all audiences and providing an introduction to the world of Pooh and his friends to new audiences. An overworked adult Christopher Robin learns that doing nothing often leads to the very best of something and is able to reconnect with his family before it is too late.

Feb 09, 2019

The first and second act didn't really strike a chord except for a few Pooh moments of simple philosophy that makes so much sense in this world of noise and chaos we've created for ourselves. By the third act, the film picks up but falls prey to sentimentality and a lack of realism from a business perspective. Regardless, the film fails to tap into its target audience - is it for kids or for adults? Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017) if far superior to understand Christopher Robin. This film just didn't cut it.

I watched this movie in teatheres now i watched it on dvd from the library i had to go outside later so i didn't get to finish it a lady laughed how they ate the cake when pooh asked christapher where wil he be i tought he will say at school but he said in his head panting it scared me made me jump when the teacher smacked the desk in teathers and at home when i watched it the 2ed time people laughed at a guy putting his hand on a suitcase witch was still wet when the teacher smacked the desk in teatheres and at home when i watched it 2ed time people laughed at a guy putting his head and suitcase witch was still wet when a man said Chisisapher all work no play i said in teathers just like Hilary Duff music from 2007 Dignity CD no work all play i said in teathers ir's gonna fall for the honey it did when he said stawness exersice i said i think they took that from The Meny Adventures of Winnie The Pooh I said that was in the camercal on t.v i didn't notic him in the distance in teatheres i said he aperied to reach the edge it remines me of Selea Gomez stars Dance she sings and will never reach the eage oh when the nigt starts slippin awa save the day you apir out of nowhere is from Tyler Shaw House of cards i didn't hear come pooh in teathers just now are you there remines me of the Screach for Christapher Robbin movie you use to have that DVD a longtime i thought it was eeyore when it open the door but it was pooh only i watched it on DVD too when he said i am getting very sleepy my brother put pooh on the catch as he said i am getting very sleeply pooh fell forward our stuff toy and i took that same pooh to teathers with me and that looks like a bed he said for the bench people laughed we did too it just remines me of a song when he said oh where oh where is Chrisopher Robin when Christapher sat down soon he sees pooh i think they laghed at pooh saying a few wringles they laughed how he kicked the dress and saying there is no door they laughed how christapher hid pooh in his coat and said it's a cat and he said can he hold it and he said because it's a desecat saying it's a bite he must give some milk somthing to eat and pooh said ofcorse you will then he repeated pooh it 's not funny your squashing me and they laughed he said goodnight goodevening stop rutaring arownd he's gonna see you meow they laughed how pooh was eating the honey he gave him they laughed he put honey all over him they laughed that the gramanphone fell on pooh as he was talking to him telling him to be carful he turns arownd and sees he is sleeping the crash scared me people laughed in teathers he said hislader is brocken me too thats not a ladder that was a shelf well that explanes why it's no good for climing they laughed they laughed that he said does nothing everyday people laughed that he said we are gonna get you in your own him now people laughed pooh spock hello are you on a expedition too it remines me of Piglets Big Movie i said to my brother and he looked at pooh and he walked and hit the post when he put pooh in the boot it remines me of Paddingtion bear i said we seen it in theathers the 2ed movie they laughed and i laughed that a lady is looking at them i said she sees lookingat him she's thinking he is crazey they laughed he said playing naptime people laughed he wanted a balloon you don't need a balloon i know i don't but i would like one he said a red one he told him to be quiet he said thank you to him they laughed pooh said why is he in a cage we did tooo and that the balloon was in his way and he said he went away a man said the balloon went that way sir people laughed when he said there he is i said i don't see him then i saw him sitting on a boys lap in a stoller in theathers i heard your not loney even now i heard it i read it said your not a woolze are you we laughed i loved winnie the pooh as a kid i am 27 and this is the frist time scnice iwas in high school 2011 when winnie the pooh came out i will always like winnie the pooh

Jan 28, 2019

Not just a good kids movie. I'm an adult and I loved it. Of course I read most of the Winnie the Pooh books in my younger years so I'm biased.

DanielVaniel Jan 24, 2019

This movie is greatly suited for those entering AA Milne's world & beloved characters, and probably better to those already acquainted. The movie's feel follows very closely to the Saving Mr. Banks feel, but never loses the humour and cute whimsy of the books' narration. Based on previous comments in the thread, be aware that there is a little bit of an intense WW2 recap scene, so very young children might find that intense. We always have "age appropriateness" features, but Disney made an amazing movie with this one.

Jan 02, 2019

Christopher Robin is a movie that allows you to channel your inner-kid. The movie is about a child named Christopher Robin, who grew up playing in a forest with his stuffed animals. Eventually, as he got older, he was sent to boarding school and assimilated into modern-day human society. Leaving his past life behind him. Now as an adult, Christopher is miserable, having to work overtime every day, never spending time with his family, his life has become bleak and bland. But one day, his old pal Winnie The Pooh shows up, and together they return back to his childhood home and revisit his childhood. The movie is a true gem and has a plethora of morals that can be found throughout the film. This movie is a tribute to all of us and shows that we can never be too old to have fun. I rate this movie 4/5 stars. - @CoolReadz of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board.

This is a movie anybody can enjoy, not just children. This movie is about an adult Christopher Robin who reunites with Winnie The Pooh while he is stressed out about work. While it is a children’s movie, adults and teenagers can watch it and understand some of the deeper meanings behind the movie, like the fact that "Heffalumps" and "Woozles" are not just bad guys to Christopher’s stuffed animals, they symbolize adults and growing up. As a teenager watching this, I found a lot of the scenes very comedic and I found Winnie The Pooh in the movie incredibly hilarious. I usually do not like more childish movies that much, but I loved watching this one. I really recommend this movie to everyone. I rate Christopher Robin 4/5 stars. @Kyky18 of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Disney forgot that young children are going to watch this and they might be frightened by the storyline. Christopher Robin is an adult now and has a family. When he abandons his family, he encounters his childhood friend, Winnie the Pooh who helps him return to Hundred Acre Wood, where he discovers his old friends. Watching Winnie the Pooh wander through Hundred Acre Wood wasn’t cute; it was more like a horror movie gone wild. It is a shame the film neglects to give Christopher’s wife, Evelyn a personality or any adventure of her own. Despite, the horrors depicted in the film, there are some heart warming scenes. The overall movie was dark as in the lighting, colouring, and grey skies. Then there were moments of happiness and cheer. But the darkness overshadows the light throughout the film. Disney focuses way too much on the darkness and so the movie lacked Disney’s classic magic. 3.5 out of 5 stars. @janmorrow1225 of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

LPL_SarahM Jan 02, 2019


(And I'm not just talking about my boyfriend Ewan McGregor!)

Dec 22, 2018

Glad I saw this before seeing Goodbye Christopher Robin. It is a good family movie that hits the usual Disney standard. I still feel that Disney makes Tigger sound punch drunk, but that is how they have always portrayed him. Piglet is completely lost in the mix and Winnie seems like he's on Vicodin. That being said kids will find it appealing.

Dec 21, 2018

Laugh out loud funny, great for the whole family. Interesting CGI.

Charming and bittersweet. Some might complain that the second act drags a bit, and maybe it does, but I knew what the payoff would be so I had no problems sticking it out. Heffalumps and woozles as allegories was a clever decision.

Dec 19, 2018

A happy little romp with well animated Winnie the Pooh characters. The movie takes almost nothing from the real life story of Christopher Robin. The movie tries to convince the audience of the magic of childhood that is lost when they become adults. The best parts of the movie are the interactions between the characters of the Hundred Acre Woods.

Dec 19, 2018

Sweet. Eeyore is fabulous as always!

Dec 19, 2018

Utterly charming! I grew up on Winnie the Pooh and friends. Was lovely to see them again, albeit a bit older and scruffier. Reminds us to have fun, enjoy the journey of life.

Dec 19, 2018

Disney's dumbed down versions of A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories have always lacked the dry humour intended for adults, but I was pleased to see how much this film incorporates from the originals. The plot follows an adult Christopher Robin ( who was a real person 1920-1996 and his last name was not Robin) re-learning what it's like to be a child. The same theme can be found in the awful film Hook (1991) and even Mary Poppins (1964), but it works well here. The semi-imaginary animal characters are incorporated into reality as quickly as Paddington and I think this was handled rather well. Suitable for children but also intended for nostalgic adults. Do re-read the original stories!

Dec 18, 2018

Loved it! Great storyline, the voices of Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, etc. were spot on. Really brought back memories of when my grandmother would read me these stories.

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