The 18th Abduction

The 18th Abduction

Large Print - 2019
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Sep 02, 2020

I'm only 1/2 way through this book, but what's bothering me is that at the end of the previous book (18th Suspect) Lindsay came down with a medical issue and a key figure (won't spoil it for those who haven't read it yet) was relieved of duty (or suspended). No mention of either event in this book, so it's lost it's continuity.

Feb 16, 2020

This is in keeping with the series and hope it is going to continue!

Feb 10, 2020

Enjoyable and fast read!!!!!

Jan 21, 2020

Not a good read

Sep 28, 2019

A good read. Unfortunate that so much of what was written about the ethnic cleansing that went on in that part of the world is true. Not so far fetched that some of the monsters made it to North America. Probably better that Sgt Boxer and FBI hubby handled this within the confines of the law enforcement community.

Aug 26, 2019

This was a pretty dark book for the Women’s Murder Club. Usually they are a little lighter. The story starts off five years ago when Lindsay and Joe are newlyweds and works up to the present. Lindsay and Joe are working on two different investigations until they realize the two are connected and start working it together. The women in the Women’s Murder Club don’t make much of an appearance. It centres on Lindsay and Joe.

Aug 15, 2019

James Pattersons other books are violent. The women’s murder club books have been a relief from that, until this book. There is very little of the women working together in this one. It is more of James Pattersons violence of his other books. 2 stars for this one.

Aug 02, 2019

If you are triggered by sexual assault and/or torture, be prepared. This one is dark.

Jul 19, 2019

Why, in this book, are Lindsay and Joe suddenly childless?

Jul 15, 2019

I gave up on Patterson books years ago since he wasn't writing them anymore. They just were getting worse & worse, bit I just couldn't put this one down! I read it in 2 short days, I couldn't put it down. The epilogue wasn't that exciting or surprising, but the rest of the book was great!! I highly recommend!

Jun 30, 2019

'The 18th Abduction' departed a bit from the usual gang of girls solving murders while giggling and drinking all the way to the solution. I found the conversation between the girls, and sometimes those with/of Joe, to be too simple, too juvenile, for professional adults. However, I found the story line to be complex, horrid and heartbreaking. I was shocked at the ending. The women of the "Women's Murder Club" were mostly support players to the police and the FBI. I found that more believable and refreshing.

High 3, almost 4 stars

Jun 28, 2019

The typical Women's Murder Club tale - no real surprises. Enjoyable - a Summer beach read.

Jun 14, 2019

THE 18th ABDUCTION is yet another entertaining read in James Patterson & Maxine Paetro's WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB series. Let me start by saying the Murder Club meets only three times during this book, but with the exception of Claire, who pops in and out as the ME for several grim murders in the book, the story far and away is about Boxer and Molinari. Poor Cindy is stuck with a few short cameos in which she is inevitably trying to pry some info out to stay ahead of the story. Yuki does jump in twice with some helpful legal ideas. That said, none of it is criticism. The story line, if rough and violent (it can be), is mostly because it centers around a convicted war criminal from the Balkans who did some really bad things. Very sadist things. Now he shows up in the US and the SFPD and FBI are trying to find out who is doing sadistic things in San Francisco. Like the violence part or not, there was crazy stuff happening for real in the Balkans, and war crimes were committed. I think this story reminds us of what people with power can do, in the worst ways, to those who have no power. Good story line, and an entertaining read.

Jun 11, 2019

Lindsey Boxer of the San Francisco Police Dept. and her husband Joe Molinari of the FBI are partners in crime fighting. A missing women's report of three teachers starts the book. Will they continue to be just missing or will they become homicides? Lindsey has to work on them and determine who the culprit is and what the crime will be. In the meantime Joe accidentally bumps into a victim of genocide from Serbia and he is chasing a perpetrator. Will these two streams merge? Will either or both be successful? The book answers these questions and was OK. It was just too sadistic for me.

Jun 03, 2019

great read!

James Pattersons books seem to be becoming more and more violent and brutal.
I will likely not read the rest of this book for that reason. Why is it always women
are being violated and tortured and brutalized. There is too much detailed description as to what was done to them. I like to read in the evening because it relaxes me and then I go to sleep. This book is likely to give one nightmares. I will think twice about reading any more books by this author.

May 15, 2019

Much better that the last club mystery & hopefully getting back to why we started reading in the first place. Still needs work but making progress. Wasn't too thrilled with the international plot but did hold interest with the weaving of characters.

May 13, 2019

ive read every book it keeps getting better !!!

May 11, 2019

First of all James Patterson has not "written" the books with his name attached for years. I liked the Women's Murder Club series because of the interaction / cooperation among the 4 women. This one was 90% Lindsay Boxer, involved a Bosnian war criminal ( not my area of interest ) and increased the violence way beyond necessary. The series is becoming more and more disappointing. Cannot recommend. Kristi & Abby Tabby

May 02, 2019

Hard to believe this is book 18 of this series since they mostly come out once a year. Good addition to this series. It was fun to see LIndsay and Joe working together on a case.

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