The Bands of Mourning

The Bands of Mourning

Mistborn Series, Book 6

eBook - 2016
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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, the Mistborn series is a heist story of political intrigue and magical, martial-arts action.

Three hundred years after the events of the Mistborn trilogy, Scadrial is now on the verge of modernity, with railroads to supplement the canals, electric lighting in the streets and the homes of the wealthy, and the first steel-framed skyscrapers racing for the clouds.

The Bands of Mourning are the mythical metal minds owned by the Lord Ruler, said to grant anyone who wears them the powers that the Lord Ruler had at his command. Hardly anyone thinks they really exist. A kandra researcher has returned to Elendel with images that seem to depict the Bands, as well as writings in a language that no one can read. Waxillium Ladrian is recruited to travel south to the city of New Seran to investigate. Along the way he discovers hints that point to the true goals of his uncle Edwarn and the shadowy organization known as The Set.

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Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates


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PimaLib_ChristineR Jul 06, 2020

"'How can you read?' Marasi asked, still pacing. 'Well, I’m not right sure,' Wayne said. 'By all accounts, I should be dumber than a sack full o’ noodles.'"

There is a lot to be said in favor of The Bands of Mourning, but most importantly, Wayne is back with his silly, yet often insightful, banter. Probably second most importantly, this is NOT the last book in this series, and Sanderson, usually a champion of churning out disgustingly good work in record time, has turned to other series, and left us without a finale, as of 2020. And we NEED a finale.

Amazing plot, epic fight sequences, clever dialogue and continuing character development... there are only so many ways I can say that Sanderson is one of the best writers working today, in any genre. But he drops a bomb of a cliffhanger on us. So much so that if we don't get the finale soon, I may sue for mental cruelty.

If you are already a fan of the Mistborn novels, you won't be disappointed, but you may want to wait until the next novel is available so you can jump right into it.

Aug 03, 2017

The 3rd book in the Mistborn Second era series did not dissappoint. This story is well outside of the 'western' theme of the first book, though it does have an occassional train robbery. This book is definitely setting up for elements of science fiction that will be in the 3rd Era Mistborn books. The people of the Basin learn they aren't the only humans on Scadrial, and that another civilization has developed unimaginable allomancy technology. There was even a brief appearance of the Survivor himself. I won't spoil anything, but I really enjoyed the villain Edwarn Ladrian. He was the right combination of arrogant, intelligent, mysterious and nefarious. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about him, and this book seems to add more. Wax and Edwarn each seem to hold separate characteristics of their ancestor Breeze. Wax with loyalty and a desire to help people, and Edwarn with intelligence, and a will to manipulate. While Edwarn was a big mystery, the 'new' villain (no spoilers) was fairly easy to see coming. I have to say I was expecting more information about the Trell diety and its worshipers. The information given was as sparce as it has been in other books. This is unlike the previous trilogy, where answers were doled out in large chunks and few loose ends were left by the end of each book. With only one book left in this era, I suspect Trell may be something that comes to fruition in the 3rd era series. While I really enjoy this series, I agree with other reviewers, this series wouldn't work as well without having read the original trilogy.

Apr 06, 2016

I was majorly impressed with the first Mistborn trilogy, and continue to enjoy the more modern sequels. Mr. Sanderson is a writing machine, and that shows through a little more in this one than in prior episodes--it's a little more pat than I would have thought from him. Still, it's a necessary volume for any Mistborn fans.

Mar 15, 2016

Just finished the audio book. It was great. I like the narrators voices for the interaction between the characters. They can be quite funny. Wayne's idea of giving something for what he steals is usually hilarious

Feb 08, 2016

I love this series! There are 3 books in Part 1 of the series (Mistborn). This is the 3rd book in Part 2 of the Mistborn series. It is also know as the "Wax and Wayne" series. I love the banter between the characters. There is one more book after this. I wish the author would continue with more because I'm going to miss Wax and Wayne.

CMLibrary_gkeller Jan 27, 2016

Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors, if not my absolute favorite. I have read all of his books as well as his short stories and novellas. I'm always amazed because he keeps getting better! This book is the third book in the Wax and Wayne books in the Mistborn world. It is like a western fantasy epic kind of story. It's so hard to describe! The characters are engaging and I love to see them evolve over the books. One of my least favorite characters has become one of my favorites. The magic system is so detailed and wonderful. The world is engaging (and it is also part of the Cosmere) and more is shown in every book. I really can't say enough about this book. I Can't wait for the next one to come out.


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PimaLib_ChristineR Jul 06, 2020

Wayne hung halfway out of the room’s large window. “That window opens?” Wax asked, surprised. “Any window opens,” Wayne said, “if you push hard enough.

PimaLib_ChristineR Jul 06, 2020

We’re the adults now, yet where are our children? What’s our legacy? What have we accomplished? Don’t you ever feel like you never actually grew up? That everyone else did, but you’re secretly faking?”

PimaLib_ChristineR Jul 06, 2020

It seemed to him that the smarter a man was, the more likely he was to pretend he knew more than he did.

PimaLib_ChristineR Jul 06, 2020

They sat in his office now, and he had a little desk plaque that named him MR. ERIOLA. Neither of the others seemed to grasp why Wayne snickered when he read that.

PimaLib_ChristineR Jul 06, 2020

“The contract need not set our bounds.” “Pardon. But I thought that was exactly the purpose of a contract. To define and set bounds.” “And the purpose of life is to push our bounds,” Wax said, “to shatter them, escape them.”

PimaLib_ChristineR Jul 06, 2020

Because people were people, and if there was one thing you could count on, it was that some of them would be weird. Or rather that all of them would be weird when circumstances happened to align with their own individual brand of insanity.


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Jun 09, 2016

Lord Waxilillium continues his battle against the corrupt citizens of Elendel with assistance from his sidekick, Wayne, and a little supernatural help from the Faceless Immortals as well as Harmony himself!


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