The Bone Season

The Bone Season

Bone Season Series, Book 1

eBook - 2013
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A major event—the first book a seven-part series of dizzying imagination. Welcome to Scion: No Safer Place. It is the year 2059. Several major world cities are under the control of a security force called Scion. Paige Mahoney works in the criminal underworld of Scion London, part of a secret cell known as the Seven Seals. The work she does is unusual: scouting for information by breaking into others' minds. Paige is a dreamwalker, a rare kind of clairvoyant, and in this world, the voyants commit treason simply by breathing. But when Paige is captured and arrested, she encounters a power more sinister even than Scion. The voyant prison is a separate city—Oxford, erased from the map two centuries ago and now controlled by a powerful, otherworldly race. These creatures, the Rephaim, value the voyants highly—as soldiers in their army. Paige is assigned to a Rephaite keeper, Warden, who will be in charge of her care and training. He is her master. Her natural enemy. But if she wants to regain her freedom, Paige will have to learn something of his mind and his own mysterious motives.The Bone Season introduces a compelling heroine—a young woman learning to harness her powers in a world where everything has been taken from her. It also introduces an extraordinary young writer, with huge ambition and a teeming imagination. Samantha Shannon has created a bold new reality in this riveting debut.
Publisher: 2013
ISBN: 9781620401408
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DBRL_JessicaM Sep 17, 2018

I saw this book at a Barnes and Noble Clearance Sale and I decided to give it a go. I loved it! It's a little different from your average "psychic" book, it sets itself in a corrupted society set in the past. The romance bit was a little unexpected, but definitely loved the feel of the book.

Apr 05, 2018

2.5 Stars Well, I don't really know what to say about this book. The plot was really confusing and the characters annoyed me. It was also really slow and boring. Storyline: It is the year 2059 and Paige Mahoney is working in the criminal underworld of London. She is a rare type of clairvoyant, she is a dream walker.But Paige gets captured and brought to a city formed 200 years ago While at Oxford she is assigned a trainer/captor Stuff happens while she is there and blah blah blah…..I wish I liked this book better, but I just couldn't get past the bad characters and the confusing plot. Although this book is said to be an EPIC FANTASY, it really wasn't and I was disappointed. The only character that wasn't terrible was her trainer, Warden. He was kind of kind and funny at some points. - @bibliophile of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Aug 12, 2017

This book seems to presuppose a working knowledge of the fantasy London she is describing; I found it densely plotted, and am sorry to say I did not finish the first chapter.

Feb 14, 2016

I wasn't sure what I was expecting and after the first few pages I was thinking of giving up but I am very glad I did not. The Bone Season creates an amazing new world to fall into. Can't wait to get my hands on the sequel .

cmlibrary_myork Dec 11, 2015

Fantastic! An absorbing and thrilling science fiction/steampunk adventure! The world-building in this first book of the series is masterful, complete with its own vocabulary and hierarchy of individuals. The heroine - in fact the entire cast of characters - is flawless. I can't wait to get my hands on Mime Order to see how the rest of the story unfolds!

Sep 21, 2015

“The Bone Season,” by Samantha Shannon, is the first novel in a seven book series. Although, the author has just started writing the third, so it might take a while. Paige Mahoney is part of the ‘Criminal Underworld,’ also known as the syndicate in section I-4 of Scion London. The syndicate is what all clairvoyants rely on the most because if they don’t, Scion will look, and will most likely find them. Paige works for a man named, Jaxon Hall and is part of a gang called the Seven Seals. Paige’s job is to scout for information and break into people’s minds. She, the Mollisher of I-4, is proud to be a rare type of clairvoyance, a dream walker and the Pale Dreamer of the Seals. She has spent every single day of her life, since she was sixteen, revolving around the crimes and ‘Black market’ of the syndicate. Until one day, her life changes forever. Paige took a few days off of work to spend with her Father, who thinks she works an honest job at the oxygen bar. On her way to his house, there is a major detour and she knows she has to protect her clairvoyance or she’ll be discovered. What she did caused her to be taken away from her home, friends and her life. Paige woke up to find herself in the city of Oxford, run by the Rephaite. Rephs are not voyants nor are they human, which is what she intended to find out one way or another. Each Reph had to pick at least one or more ‘students’ to ‘mentor’ about their powers so they could also become red- jackets. The Rephaite that chooses her is, non-other than the blood-consort, Arcturus Mestharim, the blood-sovereign’s betrothed. Apparently he has a keen interest for Paige, which she finds very unpleasant, but she cannot do anything about it because her job in the syndicate, in the Seven Seals, is all at risk if they find out who she is. The Pale Dreamer, Mollisher of I-4. I would definitely recommend this novel to any readers who adore action, courage, intelligence and romance mixed in with a bit of fantasy. The characters that are presented in this book have so many different aspects of their personalities that it feels like you actually know the person. “The Bone Season,” is a flawless title for this book because Paige is taken on Bone Season XX, which is a very special season, but, you’ll have to read the book to know why. The courageousness and bravery that Paige shows throughout this novel is so intriguing that the author decided to make six more books! Paige will do anything to keep the Seals and her Father safe, but will her devotion lead her to stay in Oxford with the ruthless Rephs, or will she muster the courage to return back to her old life and risking her life in the process? “The Bone Season,” a book that shouts bravery and thought.

Jun 23, 2015

so the bone season was decent enough. very interesting, but personally i thought that it was a bit confusing, even with all the charts and maps at the beginning. i think this can either fall under young adult as well (and it didn't have a romance take up all the plot, which was GREAT).

the thing about this is that it didn't suck me in. i'll probably be reading the next book, though. the pacing was too slow for the type of book it was. the publisher seems very sure that this is a good series though.

another thing that was odd to me was the anachronism. it was cool, but it didn't ... really make sense? victorian clothing and slang with computers and sci-fi sounding names.

Jun 09, 2015

The authour has created an elaborate future world that is, at first, somewhat confusing. Once I understood the characters and the laws that where in place, it was easier to concentrate on the story. Although SF is not my favourite genre, I read this book with interest and look forward to book 2.

Jun 03, 2015

For sure, The Bone Season has a few tropes in it that will anger readers. These tropes have angered me in the past as well and have been the cause of low book ratings. However, it's all about the context. What may work for one book may not work for another. I also agree, that there is a challenge in reading the book. You're going to have to use the glossary and the Clairvoyant classification trees quite often. But what do you expect from a setting that is incredibly large scaled, has multiple races and dimensions in it and spread across seven novels? No matter which order the author had opted to release info regarding the setting, characters etc. it still would require patience, curiosity and interest to read it through. Fortunately, I had all three and as a result, I enjoyed the story immensely.

Apr 24, 2015

I wanted to be interested in this book, it sounded like it had this amazing creative world but I just couldn't get into it at all. Oh it has a very unique world I'll give it that much and it is a world I want to learn more about but it did a terrible job of introducing this world to me. The book would just keep dropping all these new terms usually never explaining them and the characters would all just talk about things that I had no idea what they were leaving me very lost and confused. It's like you were dropped onto an alien planet that spoke your language but had a completely different culture and you were meant to understand it all with only a few explanations about their culture. I tried to keep reading the book, I really wanted to like this book, but I felt so lost the whole time. It also didn't help that I found it feeling rather cliched at certain parts and I really had no interest in the main character. So in the end I can't recommend this book to anyone, unless you like feeling confused when reading.

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