The Medici
The Medici Godfathers of the Renaissance DVD - 2003

Interesting study about the influence of the Medici family in Renaissance Florence’s financial world and the arts; there are a few instances though when characters inexplicably disappeared, with no explanation. The representation of Girolamo Savanarola was over the top, highly exaggerated, as a demon right out of the flames of Hell: corroded teeth, drooling, wild-eyed, overgrown dirty fingernails—in one word, ridiculous. Interestingly the “Bonfire of the Vanities” mentioned was not organized by Savanarola, but his followers, and it seems it was invented by San Bernardino di Siena, many years before. Sandro Botticelli is shown burning one of his paintings; yet one can’t help but wonder why enormously visible targets such as The Spring, Athena and the Centaur, or The Birth of Venus would have been spared by a band of fanatics… At the end, Savanarola’s predictions actually come to pass: Florence collapses under the depravity and extravagances of Lorenzo dei Medici, il Magnifico! The series had one irritating problem: one of the professors kept mispronouncing Medici, putting the emphasis in the second syllable instead of the first, making it sound, in Italian, as “me dice,” or “tell me”… Most of the program was shot at Offagna, the reason why I couldn’t recognize Florence! :-)

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