Keeper is a great story, when I had got to the end of the chapters I was desperate to keep on going .

There are about three stories going at once and then near the end they all weave in together, I’ve got to admit you never know whats going to happen next.

There’s a girl named Keeper – she believes in myths and mermaids, and believes that her mum was a mermaid .

Keeper has set off in a small boat called The Scamper with her dog named BD (best dog) and a seagull named Captain (you’ll find out when he comes in).

Keeper’s on a mission to find her Mum, Meggie Marie, who left her when she was just three. But things don’t go to plan and the heavy waves start taking her out to sea.

This is one of my 5 star books, one of the ones that I really want to have as my own. (Some lovely, lovely pictures in there as well.)

If you like animals and magical, moving stories then you’ll love this book.

Recommended for 9+ 9 out of 10

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