The book begins with seeing Bella become very comfortable with Edward and his family. Bella is given a birthday party and accidentally gets a paper cut. This leads to a tense moment when Jasper cannot contain himself and makes a leap for Bella. Edward is forced to protect her but ends up throwing her across the room, this makes it all to clear that keeping Bella close to the family puts her at risk. Edward begins to withdraw himself emotionally in order to leave her.

Naturally, Bella's grief is heartwrenching to read. Any girl who has felt the pain of lost or unrequited love will shed a few tears during this chapter. It is hard to get over being furious at Edward's behavior at the begining of the book, but this simply shows you how easy it is to get pulled into almost believing these characters are real.

Bella becomes seriously withdrawn from the world after his departure and considering their strange and magical relationship, this is to be expected. Bella begins to hear Edward's voice warning her when she puts herself in harm's way and in this way Bella begins to court danger to hear Edwards voice.

Jacob, becomes a very close friend of Bella's and helps her through her depression. His character takes the place of Edward and he becomes a major player in this story. He is also the complete opposite of Edward's sophisticated, wordly one. Jacob is lovable, akward, attractive (in a regular way) and warm-blooded. His story is one of interest and I don't believe any reader who has already read Twilight, will be surprised at the turn of events in which Jacob is involved.

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