This surfing sub-culture documentary has to do with the North shore of Hawaii. The camera techniques are NOT the spectacular, wide-screen sort, but
tend to be journalistic and graphic. So you never get the feeling of the
possible adaptation to another Endless Summer. Similar to the cam technique, the waves being surfed are those nearer to the shore line, not the swells that require a sea-doo, to tow the surfer onto. Though
when the video was completed, the
tow technique was not that prevalent. Some sequences were also 'speeded up' to dramatize the surfing or the wave forms. Subsequently, the video has a certain niche character, but also
presents a fairly consistent picture of
some aspects of that part of the islands of Hawaii. Most of those being interviewed speak to some extent about the re-location from mainland or the incursionof the
island from a mass-migration. And the sequences about the Roxy series are again, somewhat subjective, but there's an effort on the part of the director to sustain a
common thread of continuity, though that seems to be part of the craft of making a docker, and not
necessarily the craft of surfing those waves at that particular place.

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