This book, with its gorgeous cover art and come-read-me title is kind of a liar. This book lies with an alluringly vague blurb. 40% in, my brain started to fizz and I wondered what I might have done in the past to deserve this mish mash of mush. I guess that's why it's YA? Although I give way more credit to the YA generation than this boring book about nothing.

I was really looking forward to reading a dark family story, learning about Alaska, Alaskan people, and still get my historical fiction fix without having to dip into classics, or novels full of pinafores. Although there's something still naggingly delightful about this book -- oh, wait, it's still just the cover art and title. Never mind. Not recommended, not because it's horrible in any particular way, but it's just not good enough in any particular way.

Offences include: Non-plot, characters that remain too flat to connect to, and writing that's neat and polite, but boring like a test pattern.

It seems I'm in the minority though! People are going bonkers over this book, so I'd love to talk about it with other readers.

What are your thoughts?

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