What a trippy book. The author did a really good job with the build up. There were a ton of possibilities going through my head as Julia met and interacted with each character. A bit naive and a little too weepy for my liking, Julia wasn't the most likeable heroine but she made do. Similarly, I'm not entirely clear with her past but with books like these you're not supposed to look too deeply otherwise you'll ruin the feel of it all. Anyhoo, never trusted any of the characters completely. No one is really a good person at Havenwood even with their justification and reasonings of keeping Julia safe.

As I was saying, with the way the author was building the mystery I was uber excited for the final confrontation: the banishment. But where the author's literary powers should have combined and created the seance of the century, we got a brief little description, almost like an afterthought, which was a shame. I actually flipped the pages a few times to make sure that I hadn't missed some of it, it was that anticlimactic.

But then the latter half of the epilogue came and my mind went on a field trip with that juicy twist the author left us with. And because I am a terrible person who likes to suck the happiness out of everything I have my own version of what happened to Julia and let me tell you it does not have her cuddling with her boo muahaha.

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