At first it seemed a fairly competent piece of formula writing in the Jack Reacher/Lee Child genre..... the vets are all steely eyed killers, the cops have xray eyes, the blue-eyed beauty tragic wifee-widows have blue-steel eyes that shine.

Yeah, but it reads okay until the last 75 pages or so when he violates some rules of writing the publishers wouldn't have allowed back when they had editors... But no doubt you'll finish reading the book anyway, same as I did. Without applauding.

Probably we veterans need to put a stop to all this glamorizing and stereotyping vets as all screwed up in the head, potentially deadly folks who've been done wrong.

That image, the one this book furthers, gives all of us with ego challenges a standard to set for what we also must pretend to be for the civilians around us.

But the cliche is making a lot of money for writers who exploit us and the meaningless wars of the last several decades.

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