2017; Mira/HarperCollins

Since I first stepped into Virgin River, Robyn Carr has become part of my "mood" list. By "mood" list I mean a list of authors I can be guaranteed at least a 3.5 STAR read. As much as I read I do get into reading slumps (where every book I pick up I don't like, or can't get into, etc), can't decide what to read (usually feel overwhelmed) or just want a book I know I will love. Often at times I don't read these authors as quickly because I want to keep some of the novels at my fingertips. This novel was no different.

I really enjoyed the characters and the different plotlines! I did often want to know more about a character, but I think it would be hard to do without bogging down the overall story arc. It would be cool if there was a novella on Beverly (hint hint, haha). Rather than one or two characters this novel is about a family. After a tragic death, a family shuts down the summer home. It also fractures a once close family. As another tragedy is upon them, they come together to see if they can heal the hurt and pain. If you want a mellow read with family drama and a bit of romance and tears I recommend The Summer That Made Us. ​

***I received an eARC from EDELWEISS***

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