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okayokayokay created a list Jul 17 2018
General Recommendations
Horror & Bizarro
"For those that like horror and bizarro fiction."
okayokayokay created a list Mar 19 2018
If You Liked ...
Black Panther
"Afro-futurism, POC leads, strong female characters, SFF."
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Nov 14 2017
"Carver is one of the best short story writers of our time. I have read the short stories of Hemingway, Steinbeck, Faulkner, etc., and Carver ranks with all of them. His stories are contemporary and deal with broken relationships, effects of drugs,..." Permalink
okayokayokay made a comment Jan 31 2017
"Head Full of Ghosts is a great book for those looking for a fresh read in the world of horror. It combines pop culture, and horror in away that takes some getting used to, but the end pays off in a big way. Don't let the blog post style chapters r..." Permalink
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