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minor_cat rated a title Mar 23 2021
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minor_cat made a comment Mar 23 2021
"This author has a solid background in understanding this way of eating, something that may do the trick for you if low fat or low calorie eating styles don't work for you due to hyperinsulinemia or insulin resistance. She helps you understand th..." Permalink
minor_cat made a comment Jan 13 2021
"A book I reread as often as I reread Jane Austen, and with such a similar way of observing women in the world. Delightful." Permalink
minor_cat added a title to their For later shelf Dec 12 2020
It all starts on the morning the letter D disappears from language. First, it vanishes from Dhikilo's parents' conversation at breakfast, then from the road signs outside and from her school dinners. Set between England and the wintry land of...
minor_cat added a title to their For later shelf Dec 02 2020
Indigo, the newest collection by Ellen Bass, merges elegy and praise poem in an exploration of life's complex grey areas. Whether her subject is oysters, high heels, a pork chop, a beloved dog, or a wife's return to health, Bass pulls us in with...
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