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Sounds like your daddy. Thumping his Bible. -Wasn't just Bibles he thumped. === ... I would've told him to do exactly what he's done. "Marry yourself a widow, Donnie. You'll be getting a grateful woman." === I don't need reminding. I know what I've lost. -Sometimes that's all life is, Margaret. The list of what we've lost. === The government agents came into the house when I was eight. They took me and put me in their truck. You know, I thought I did something wrong and that my mother didn't want me anymore. But then I could see she was crying. All the mothers were. -You were eight? They cut my hair off. And washed me in kerosene. And beat me. To kill the Indian inside. I guess they did. So when I came home, I couldn't understand my grandmother's words anymore. === Isn't that what you've always told me? Over and over. That I don't know when it's time to call it quits. -And I'll be the one gets the job of picking up those pieces, huh?